Sunday, July 15, 2012

1953 Feb 25 - "The Reality of War-damaged Women Turning to Prostitution"

The following February 25, 1953 article is from the Korean newspaper Gyeonghyang Sinmun. It paints an image of women struggling post-war Seoul, South Korea.
The Reality of War-damaged Women Becoming Prostitutes  
Half Fall Because of Hardships of Life
More than 1,200 Women Registered to 289 Pimps 
According to an investigation done by the Women's Department in Seoul's Social Bureau, there are a total of 1,274 comfort women for UN servicemen living in the city that are registered with the relevant authorities. According to the same survey, there are as many as 289 so-called pimps for comfort women for UN serviceman.  
Looking at the academic levels of these "UN" comfort women, there are 471 who are illiterate, 725 who have completed primary school, 74 who have graduated from a girl's school (middle/high school), and 4 who have graduated college. Almost all of them said the reason they registered as comfort women for UN servicemen was the hardships of life. More than 1,000 of them said they have been doing this kind of work for only about a year or less.  
The image of degradation in war-damaged women struggling with the hardships of life following the recapture of Seoul is clearly reflected in these women.

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