Tuesday, July 17, 2012

1957 Sep 12 - "Woman Shot by US Soldier Angry at Joke"

This September 12, 1957 article is from the South Korean newspaper Donga Ilbo.

This Time Woman Shot by US Soldier Angry at Joke

[From Busan] Another American Soldier and Another Reckless Shooting - At about 3:30 a.m. on the 10th, it was reported that American Private Henry M. (Sensolong), who is attacted to Camp Hialeah, became angry at a joke told by 20-year-old comfort woman Kim Bok-hee (金福姬), which caused the private to shoot Ms. Kim with a carbine he was carrying. The bullet pieced her right shoulder. The incident happened at the home of Ms. Kim's pimp, Bak Sun-nam, at 300 Beomjeon-dong  in Busan City.

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  1. <Japanese translation of the Korean article of this post>


    【釜山発】また米軍がむやみに銃を- 10日明け方3時30分ごろ、釜山市内凡田洞300 朴順南(抱え主)氏宅で慰安婦金福姫(20)ほか一人がハイヤリヤ部隊所属のヘンリー・M・センソロン米軍一等兵に冗談を言ったことが原因で、腹を立てた米軍は持っていたカービン銃を撃ち、金嬢の右肩に貫通傷を負わせた。

    (東亜日報 1957.9.12)