Monday, July 16, 2012

July 14, 1954 - "Evil Pimp Arrested"

This July 14, 1954 article is from the South Korean newspaper Gyeonghyang Sinmun. I heard stories similar to this one even in the late 1970s, when I was in the navy and stationed in South Korea, but I never heard of the pimps being arrested. In fact, the girls told me they could not go to the local police for help because they believed them to be working with the pimps.

Evil Pimp Arrested

[Daegu] Jin Yong-hui, who operates a "whore house" at No. 67 Kyo-dong in Daegu City, has been brought in for questioning, without detention, at the Daegu Women's Police Station. Ms. Jin is charged with previously telling 21-year-old Kim Hak-i (金學伊) that she would pay her debt of 30,000 hwan if she would work for one month as a comfort woman, but when Ms. Kim could no longer endure the suffering and tried to escape on the 7th, she was illegally confined and beaten numerous times.

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    (京郷新聞 1954.7.14)