Sunday, July 15, 2012

1951 Apr 15 - "Donga Ilbo" Editorial Proposes Tax on "Comfort Women"

This April 15, 1951 editorial in the South Korean newspaper Donga Ilbo is entitled "Work Harder on Currency Deflation" and proposes that a more direct tax be imposed on such businesses and operations as "Comfort Women" (military prostitutes), whose taxable income is often not documented.
The next level of income sources include the comfort women, the laundries, the photo shops, the restaurants and the like in the amusement quarters, and the shopkeepers selling cameras and leather bags near the camps of UN troops. These do, in fact, provide what is considered indirect taxes, but most of the tax income is not going into the national treasury but into the pockets of those those business operators who seem to be misappropriating most of it. Therefore, concerning the income from these kinds of businesses and operations, I think a tax that does not rely on documentation is needed since most of the business operators are not providing all the documents.


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