Tuesday, July 17, 2012

1959 Jul 30 - "Despondent Comfort Woman Commits Suicide"

This July 30, 1959 article is from the South Korean newspaper Donga Ilbo.

Despondent Comfort Woman Commits Suicide

[Incheon] At about 11 p.m. on the 24th, 20-year-old comfort woman Kim Gyeong-ja was at the home of her pimp, Kim Gyeong-sun, in Yeoncheon-gun (Jeongok-myeon, Jeongok-ri), when she became despondent about becoming a prostitute and swallowed six quinine all at once. She is said to have died on the night of the 25th at 1:45.


  1. <Japanese translation of the Korean article in this post>


    【仁川】慰安婦が悲観自殺 ― 去る24日午後11時ごろ、漣川郡チョンゴク面チョンゴク里に住む抱え主キム・ギョンスン氏宅の慰安婦キム・キョンジャ(20)は、花柳界に出ることになったことを悲観してキニーネ6個を白卵に混ぜて飲み、25日夜1時45分絶命した。

    (東亜日報 1959.7.30)


  2. Need a little more explanation.

    This is a story about a Korean comfort women who was FORCED by SOUTH Korean GOVERNMENT to provide sexual service to UN/US soldiers.

    Japan has nothing to do with this.